Genus Genus is a turn-based strategy game based on the popular game "Kolony" created for the Commodore-64. As the emperor of newly colonized planet player is designed to lead to it's economic prosperity. For this purpose he must provide a permanent food income, explore the island to discover new mineral deposits, and expand the urban agglomeration. Genus Another important thing is the trade with merchants to enable faster development of the planet. The player also can't ignore the military aspects - the opponents are just waiting for an opportunity to attack the planet. Do not forget to provide an appropriate level of science - new inventions allow for economic and military development.

The game is available in two versions:

  • Koloni¶ci - older project created in QBasic. This version was completed in about 90% and is unbalanced.

  • Genus - a newer version created in FreeBASIC. The game is more complex than its predecessor, but has not been completed and is far from the quality of the final product.

Both versions of the game are available on the open source license - anyone can modify the program code. I only ask for posting information about me and Adydan in Credits and add a link to my site.


Koloni¶ci can be downloaded from here (polish version), and Genus from here (also polish version).



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