Labirynth 1.07

Labirynt Labyrinth was my first finished project on PC. It's a simple platformer game. One player mode offers 15 levels divided on three worlds. The Game will end when player complete all levels and go out from the title labyrinth.


In addition to the single player mode, The Labyrinth also includes multiplayer game modes: deathmatch (win player with more energy), race (win the fastest player), and treasure hunter (win player with the most points). In the first two modes can be played two players, in the third mode two, or three players.

The Game included levels editor. Everyone can easily create own level for one, or two players (in both mode: deathmatch and race).

Labirynt This program was made in Qbasic (DOS). Game run in 640x350 resolution and 16 colors. Today this technology look ridiculously, but wasn't several years ago. I'm really proud of this project - it show me how much I have done since that time. Game is distributed as opensource.

More informations you will find on Warsztat page.


Program can be downloaded from here (polish version).



Polska wersja językowa    English language version


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